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Advisory Board and Ancillary Meetings



Any industry meeting whose invited participants are professional attendees of the conference (doctors, physicians, etc.) will be considered an advisory board meeting and a fee is required to hold such a meeting. This could include roundtable discussions, investigator meetings and meet the specialist-type meetings. Meetings that would not fall under this category are internal/staff meetings where only your company's staff were invited (whether attending the conference or not).


The fee will include a meeting room at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre as space permits, as well as a basic AV package. You are permitted to hold the meeting at another property however the fee still applies and meeting space and the AV package would not be available.


If you want to hold an Advisory Board Meeting adjunct to the WCLC 2013 Conference, please contact


Advisory Board Meetings adjunct to the 15th World Conference on Lung Cancer are not allowed to take place during the official Scientific Program (incl. Industry Symposia) as well as any official social functions incl. Opening Ceremony/Welcome Reception, Faculty Dinner and Gala Dinner.


Advisory Board Meetings are allowed during the following times:

  • Any day and time before 18:00 on Sunday, October 27
  • After 20:00 on Monday, October 28 (Please be advised that the Faculty Dinner is scheduled at this time and we therefore kindly ask that you do not invite faculty members to attend your meeting)
  • Any day and time after 18:00 on Wednesday, October 30



IASLC recognizes that during IASLC meetings, commercial firms and other organizations may wish to host their own events and activities, for purposes ranging from investigator meetings to providing social and business opportunities for firm employees and meeting attendees.  


Commercial firms and other organizations wishing to conduct activities during the dates of, immediately prior to, or following an IASLC meeting must notify IASLC of such activities by submitting an Ancillary Event Request to the WCLC 2013 Conference Secretariat. IASLC, in its sole discretion, will determine whether the proposed activity appears to meet IASLC standards and requirements and will notify the applicant if the Ancillary Event Request is approved.   


Ancillary activities, including media events, should not compete with the agenda or events of the IASLC meeting. The nature of any ancillary activities should be in keeping with the educational focus of an IASLC meeting. Venues, agendas, and media coverage for ancillary activities should be conducive to scientific interchange; even for social functions, promotional trappings should be minimized and scientific themes, not entertainment activities, should predominate. 


IASLC representatives may attend any ancillary activity (including investigator and corporate board meetings) held within space held by IASLC, to monitor whether the activity is in compliance with applicable IASLC policies and requirements.  All ancillary activities must meet the following criteria:


  • The activity or event must comply with meeting blackout times and be scheduled as to permit attendees sufficient time to participate in official meeting activities and sessions. Please see below for times at which ancillary meetings are allowed.
  • The WCLC Conference Secretariat must receive and approve a completed Ancillary Event Request
  • No marketing pieces, invitations, communications of any kind, advertising, or other written or spoken descriptions of the event may use the IASLC name or logo, or otherwise suggest or imply that IASLC has endorsed or sponsored the event. The name of the IASLC meeting may be mentioned one time in each communication for identification purposes, in a reasonably-sized, neutral font. IASLC or the name of the Conference may not be part of a title or heading of the ancillary event, be prominently featured, or listed first in print materials. IASLC slide templates, color schemes, or other means of confusing the event with an IASLC-sponsored event may not be used
  • The following statement must be prominently displayed and included on all advertisements, marketing pieces, invitations, meeting materials, derivative products, etc. for the event: Not an official event of the IASLC meeting. Not sponsored or endorsed by IASLC
  • Meeting signage may NOT include the IASLC name, logo, or name of the Conference except in the required disclaimer above, which must be prominently displayed and included on all signs
  • Repurposed or post-meeting/event materials developed as a result of content from the WCLC 2013 Conference must NOT include any reference to IASLC, or the IASLC meeting. Materials must not in any capacity identify IASLC as the sponsor or CME provider
  • No event marketing may be done at the IASLC meeting venue except within the confines of an individual exhibit booth or table. Outside the booth or table but within the IASLC meeting venue, representatives may not set up tables or otherwise distribute or display signs, flyers, invitations, use ushers, or use other means of gathering people for the event
  • Event names, invitations, communications, and marketing may not include the phrase “Supported Symposium” unless the event has been selected as an official Independent Supported Symposium supporter (ISS)



If you want to hold an Advisory Board or ancillary meeting, please complete the Ancillary Request Form and return the completed form to for review and approval.